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Teaching English

Puerto Aventuras, Q.Roo, Mexico


The mission of this project is to empower local youth from the pueblo of Puerto Aventuras, Q Roo Mexico, by educating and teaching employable skills that can be utilized to provide for their future families.  Our core focus is to teach fluency in the global business and local tourism language of English. We also have weekly activities to teach other skills such as how to give back to their community through participating in monthly service opportunities and projects! Get Involved Today!

How Does it Work?


Our students are of ages 12-19 and attend our English classes 4 times per week for 2 hours per day. This is a heavy commitment for youth who as young as 12 often have to work long hours doing construction or other jobs for their families however, anyone that has learned a second language understands the commitment and constant drive that such learning requires. Our youth are excited and motivated to become educated in English and to develop other important employable skills however, as is the case with many youth and even many adults, that motivation can become strained. For Empowering Our Youth to be a success we knew that we needed a way to motivate our students to keep the commitments of daily attendance and practice that would of necessity be required in order to learn the language fluently. To ensure this motivation stayed strong, partnered with local volunteers and businesses, we organize regular activities for our students to participate in. Students that hold a 90% or higher attendance, demonstrate that they are working hard and participate in our monthly service activity, are allowed to attend these activities. Thanks to the incredible support of local volunteers, businesses and our sponsors, such activities are organized at no cost to our students or families. Activities such as snorkeling, swimming cenotes, Karaoke nights, sports activities and more, not only motivate our students but they also give our students growing and learning experiences in life that they likely would never have had the opportunity for otherwise. In addition, our monthly service activities give our students a firsthand knowledge of the importance and power of giving back and helping those around them.

Grand Goave, Haiti


Empowering Youth Society is a proud sponsor and active supporter of Haiti Arise, which was founded locally in Alberta to help the families of Grand Goave, Haiti. Their organization has a children's village, a school, a legal aid program, a medical centre and more. Empowering Youth is specifically involved with their elementary and middle school program development.


In addition to arranging volunteers with the expertise to develop programs that will enable these schools to teach the curriculum effectively, Empowering Youth has gathered (and continues to gather) and provided significant IN KIND donations of Montessori and other essential school resources for their school programs to be possible. 

School in Haiti

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada


Empowering Our Youth provides volunteered consulting and other services to Registered Charity and Not for Profit Private School Footprints for Learning Academy, located in Airdrie Alberta. Footprints for Learning has fees comparable to those charged in public school, thus making it an affordable private education option for families across all economic classes. The school focuses their educational programming around Mastery Based Learning philosophies and they also teach Entrepreneurship and the Spanish language as part of their core offerings (in addition to core subjects such as Math, Literacy, Science and Social). 


Other Local Groups

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada


Empowering Our Youth is a proud sponsor of local groups that work hard to impact the youth and families of our communities.


We sponsor the local Airdrie Food Bank who's mission is to "collect and distribute food to those in need and help our community find solutions to hunger related issues." The Airdrie Food Bank distributes over 500,000 lbs of food each year and we are proud to support such an essential organization. 

We also support and sponsor the Airdrie Boys & Girls Club. This club is an important organization in the City of Airdrie. It offers summer programs, trades education, childcare and more to the families of Airdrie. 

The Airdrie Library with their many youth and children's programs, is another local group that Empowering Our Youth proudly sponsors. The Airdrie Public Library "fosters literacy, knowledge and cultural connections.  We seek to inspire lifelong learning, imagination and creativity through our inclusive programs, services and collections".

Affordable Education